Do you want longer and thicker hair? Do you want it now? Then hair extensions are your best bet. Women everywhere are opting for hair extensions because they help them obtain the long hair that they want instantly! There are a few key thing you should consider before choosing a specific type of hair extension method and we have listed them in this article. 

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It’s Safe


There is no point of adding temporary length and volume to your hair if it’s going to cause long term damage. That is why you should avoid any hair extension method that causes damage. Strand by strand hair extension methods like Keratin Bonds and I-Tips can result in hair damage. The individual strands of these types of extensions place tension on your natural hair, which can result in hair damage. The hair extension method you choose should cause little to no tension on your natural hair. This will ensure that your extensions are safe and comfortable.


The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System utilizes a carbon fiber Tension Strap that wraps around the back of the scalp and bears the weight of the extension hair.  The Tension Strap protects your natural hair by creating a  barrier between the extension hair and your natural hair.


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It Shouldn’t Take Forever


Do you want to sit in a chair for up to eight hours while someone places hundreds of individual strands of extensions to your hair? Some application methods like I-Tips and Keratin Bonds take anywhere from three hours to as much as eight hours.


The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System can be applied in as little as 90 minutes and can take as long as 4 hours if you are adding dramatic length and volume.



It Should Be Certified and Regulated


For most people the only option for hair extensions is through an independent hair stylists or salon. That means that the quality of hair extensions can vary from stylist to stylist. A stylist with years of experience will be able to perform high quality work in a shorter period of time. On the other hand, an inexperienced stylist could take much longer and you might end up with poorly applied hair extensions.


That is what makes the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System so great. Anyone who is qualified to perform our patented method of hair extensions has gone through rigorous training. Only certified Glamour Locks Hair Extension Technicians have the ability to properly apply and  maintain your extensions.

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It Should Feel Comfortable.


Headaches, trouble sleeping and itchiness. Are these things you would want in any hair product you purchase? We think not. That is why comfort should be a major consideration point when choosing your hair extensions. Users of piece by piece hair extension methods, like I-Tips and Keratin Bonds, complain of headaches after receiving them. They also experience an itchy scalp. Other methods, like Tape On Wefts, Glue On Wefts and Sew In Braids can be extremely uncomfortable as the weight of the hair wefts is pulling directly on your scalp.


The Glamour Locks Hair Extension Method uses a tension strap to bear the weight of the extension hair which makes them 100% damage free. Another great benefit of the tension strap is that their is no discomfort caused by tension. That means no headaches and no pain!

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It Shouldn’t Break The Bank


Strand by strand hair extension methods are very time consuming and very expensive. Depending on the quality of hair that is used, strand by strand extension methods can cause several thousand of dollars.


Because the Glamour Locks Hair Extension system is a quicker application method, the cost of application is dramatically smaller. The high ranges of our services are around $1,500 and the low range is around $300. Plus, our Glamour Wefts are procured from the most reputable european sources and are of the highest quality.

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Glamour Locks offer online consultations if you are interested in receiving a price quote.