All Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylists are recruited based on their client portfolio and proven ability to perform our patented method.

Best Hair Extension Solution Since 2007

Only Glamour Locks Hair Extension Certified Stylists have the ability to properly apply and maintain your Glamour Locks Hair Extension System. Imitators are infringing on our patents and are not properly trained in our application methods, which can result in damaged hair.

Patented System

Get the perfect seamless look with Glamour Locks, the patented non-damaging hair extension system. Our hand-tied wefts blend flawlessly with your natural hair, allowing it to grow while maintaining a stunning appearance. Discover the secret to beautiful, long locks today!


At the heart of Glamour Locks is our commitment to unparalleled expertise and precision. Every stylist that joins our team undergoes rigorous training through our exclusive Glamour Locks Assisting Program. Professional development ensures that each stylist is not merely familiar with, but truly excels in our proprietary methods. During their intensive hands-on training period, stylists master the intricate techniques involved in our patented hair extension system, honing their ability to deliver the impeccable, non-damaging results that Glamour Locks is synonymous with. Their dedication to learning our craft guarantees that every client receives personalized, expert care that reflects the highest standards of the Glamour Locks tradition.

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