From A Pixie Cut To Rapunzel | Our Hair Extension Client Of Over 3 Years

You can see that Andrea had a very short pixie haircut when she first came to us 3 years ago. In fact, she had just enough length to wear our hair extension system. 

We recommend that women have at least 6 inches of hair to wear our hair extension system. 



Below is a recent picture that shows the back of Andrea’s head. What is significant about this pictures is that this is Andrea's hair without extensions. It is full, thick and healthy; and her hair was able to get to this length all while wearing Glamour Locks for over 3 years! 


In the picture below, you can see what a completed Glamour Track looks like on Andrea's head. A Glamour Track is a completed row in which your hair extensions are added to. You can learn all about Glamour Tracks and our patented and non-damaging method HERE


Other systems such as: beaded tracks, micro-links, keratin bonds, braids, and tape-in hair extensions attach the extensions directly to your natural hair, causing strain and damage. 


Other beaded tracks damage the hair because there is nothing to protect your hair from the weight of the extensions that are attached directly to your hair with crimped beads. 


In the image above you see that Andrea has pulled her hair up to show the underside of the Glamour Track. 

You can see there are no beads showing, there are clean partings, and even when you lift your hair up you cannot see the hair extensions.

You can also see that the extension blends very well with her natural hair due to the root shadowing provided by her Glamour Locks Certified Hair Stylist.



The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is the only guaranteed non-damaging hair extension method available and we have thousands of clients who will support that claim. 

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