Are Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Right For You?

We all spend a lot of time keeping tabs on pop culture, celebrity gossip, and checking out what’s going on in our social circles every day. It’s very easy to see all these amazing pictures and videos of beautiful people doing wonderful things, and it’s even easier to think “why don’t I look like that” or “how come I’m not doing what they’re doing?” And that can be tough, especially when it relates to something out of our control.

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

The first things that typically stick out are the style aspects of someone’s look. How they stand, what they wear, how they style their hair. You can work on your poses, you can buy new clothes, but what if you just don’t have enough hair to achieve the styles you see and want? Luckily, you’ve got an option to add any missing length or volume to your hair by using Beaded Weft Hair Extensions from Glamour Locks.

Glamour Locks Hair Extensions vs The Competition

Glamour Locks only uses the highest quality cuticle hair. It is always 100% human hair and ethically sourced from reputable Eastern European suppliers. Unlike our competitors, our cuticle wefts are always minimally processed, which means you’ll never worry about getting hair that has been chemically processed or dyed. The quality of your hair extensions matters, and as a top-tier salon, Glamour Locks only provides the best products available.

Hassle-Free Beaded Weft Extensions Application by the Extension Specialist

There are certainly a lot of options when you start your search for the best hair extension method. Many of the methods offered have been available for a long time, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. Methods like clip-in hair, tape-ins, and fusion bonds have been used for decades, but they’ve also been damaging women’s hair and scalp for that long, too.

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions

Glamour Locks was founded 17 years ago by Paula Rodriguez, after seeing all the damage caused by these older, inferior application methods. She used her 40 years’ experience to create and patent the Glamour Locks Beaded Weft Hair Extension Method to provide women with safe and long-lasting hair extensions.

Other methods use glue, heat, and chemicals during the application process, but our beaded weft hair extensions never use any of these damaging products. Our certified Glamour Locks Hair Extensions Stylists part your hair in a horseshoe pattern. Using little sections of your natural hair and tiny, lightweight aluminum beads, your stylist will hand-tie in your extensions and use a patented Tension Strap as a support structure to ensure no extra weightor stress is applied to your hair and scalp. This is why the Glamour Locks beaded weft hair extensions method is guaranteed to be safe and non-damaging.

On top of using the safest application method and the highest quality beaded weft hair extensions, Glamour Locks also has highly trained, professional stylists at all our hair extension salons. Our stylists are recruited from the top beauty schools around the country and are enrolled in our Glamour Locks apprenticeship program where they receive rigorous training before working with clients. Maintaining consistency of quality at every one of our hair extension salons is of paramount importance to us because we know our customers deserve perfection when choosing us for their hair extensions.

Your finished look depends on the quality of hair extensions used, the application method, and the skill of your hair extension stylist. Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salons can provide the best of all three of those, so you leave completely satisfied with your hair transformation, guaranteed.

Perks of Our Invisible Beaded Weft Extensions

Many of our clients come to us having tried the older, unsafe, and unsatisfying hair extensions application methods, and they are so happy after making the switch to Glamour Locks Beaded Weft Hair Extensions. Our patented and completely safe hair extensions will add length and volume to your natural hair while remaining completely invisible. Our unique and patented Tension Strap will hold the weight of your hair extensions off your scalp so you never feel them, and the security offered by the hand tied beaded weft extensions will let you style your hair however you want with complete confidence. You can even work out and be as active as you want with your new hair extensions because they will never shift, move, or become visible. All without causing any damage to your natural hair or scalp.

So what are you waiting for? If you want more information about Glamour Locks Beaded Weft Hair Extensions, visit to schedule a complimentary consultation!

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