Crown Fusion Hair Extensions: For Thinning and Balding On Top Of Head

In addition to the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System, we also offer Crown Fusion Hair Extensions.

Crown Fusion Hair Extension are for women who have balding at the top of their crown.

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How Is It Applied? 

First your Glamour Locks Certified Hair Stylist will create a track on the top of your head as illustrated in the image below.


Then the Crown Fusion Hair Piece will be placed on top. 


Then they are securely attached to the top of your head using our patented and non-damaging method. 


Mesh Bottom  

Other methods of hair extensions that are meant for the top of the head have a mesh bottom that does not allow your scalp to "breath".

This results in build up from shampoo and conditioner that overtime can have an unpleasant odor.

Other methods can also cause damage. See an example of one of these other methods below


Our Crown Fusion Hair Extensions have a porous bottom that allows your hair to be pulled up and through the hair piece.

This gives your hair a more natural look that blends in with your natural hair. This also allows your hair to breath. And to be scrubbed and washed.

Integrated With Your Natural Hair 

In the image below you can see the Glamour Locks Certified Hair Stylists pulling her client's hair up and through the Crown Fusion Hair Piece. 


Allows For Multiple Styling Options   

The Crown Fusion Extensions thicken and lengthen your hair in the crown area, and allows for styles including bangs.  It is attached permanently with the use of our non-damaging patented technique.

You can style them just like you would your own natural hair. 


Clip On Option Available 

You can also opt for the clip on technique that you can take off or put on yourself very easily. Hair can be used for 8 months to a few years with proper maintenance.  


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