Our Costa Mesa location is fully operational and we are abiding by all COVID-19 Salon Guidelines as set by The California Department Of Public Health. Our Laguna Hills location will remain closed until further notice.


Our complete and robust plan includes:

  • A Worksite Prevention Plan
  • Employee Training
  • Individual Control Measures and Screening
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols
  • Physical Distancing Guidelines

Prevention Plan 


  • We have established a written COVID-19 prevention plan and have designated our management team to implement this plan at all Glamour Locks locations. 
  • We have trained all employees and stylists on this plan. 
  • We will regularly evaluate our salons to ensure compliance with our COVID-19 prevention plan. 
  • We will immediately investigate any COVID-19 illnesses, identify any close contacts and take steps to isolate any positive worker(s) and close contacts. 

Employee Training


  • We have trained all Glamour Locks Stylists and Staff on how to prevent spreading and perform self screening at their homes.
  • We have stressed the importance of not coming to work if any employee has symptoms of COVID-19 as described by the CDC. 
  • We have stressed the importance of frequent hand washing with soap and water, including scrubbing with soap for 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer between every client when an employee cannot get to a sink. 
  • All Glamour Locks Stylists will be required to wear steril medical examination gloves and will be required to replace them with a new set after every client.  
  • All Glamour Locks Employees will be required to use medical grade surgical masks at all times and have been trained on the proper use of face coverings.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols 


  • Glamour Locks is a BARBACIDE® Certified Safe Service Establishment 
  • Frequent disinfecting of all touched surfaces of the salon, including the product displays, waiting area, reception area, service area and all surfaces that are frequently touched (credit card terminals, light switches, etc.).  
  • Reception and salon area have been equipped with sanitation products, including hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  • All work stations will be routinely and frequently cleaned, including between each customer appointment. 
  • All non-electrical tools will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Electrical tools will be cleaned and disinfected with a spray or wipe that has been approved for COVID-19.
  • Hand Sanitizers will be made readily available for all clients and employees and will be placed throughout the salon.

Individual Control Measures and Screening 


  • We will provide all employees, vendors, clients, and any other individual who enters our salons with temperature and symptom screenings. 
  • All individuals who enter our salons will be required to wear a face covering. Medical grade surgical masks will be provided to everyone in our salons. 
  • All clients and staff will be asked to stay home if they exhibit COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • Gloves will be given to all stylists to supplement frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitizer. 
  • All customers must follow our clearly posted guidelines in order to enter and remain in our salons.

Physical Distancing Guidelines 


  • We have clearly marked guidelines to ensure maximum distance between clients and staff. The California Department of Public Health has approved close distances between clients and their stylist. 
  • All customers will be contacted to confirm their appointment and to also ask if they have been exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms 
  • Appointments will be staggered to ensure adequate space is available to all clients and staff. 
  • Staff will be required to avoid handshakes, hugs, or similar greetings that break physical distancing.


Your safety is our top priority and we will be enforcing these guidelines until the end of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We appreciate your cooperation and continued support, and we look forward to seeing you soon. 

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