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Cuticle Hair Wefts

Cuticle Hair

Hair with aligned cuticles is considered top-tier due to its intact structure. Preserving and aligning the cuticles in one direction creates a genuinely natural appearance. This technique ensures the hair remains smooth, glossy, supple, and tangle-free.

Single Donor

Single donor hair extensions come from the hair of one individual, ensuring consistent texture and color. This uniformity in quality and cuticle alignment allows for easier styling and maintenance, making these extensions highly valued for their seamless integration with the wearer’s own hair.

100% Human Hair

100% Human Hair offers a natural look, durability, and styling flexibility. Users can cut, color, and style it just like their own hair. It also withstands heat from tools like straighteners and curling irons, enhancing its versatility.

Ethically Sourced

In our worldwide R&D efforts, our hair extensions are obtained through fair practices, where donors willingly give their hair and are fairly compensated. This ensures respect for human rights, fair wages, and sustainable sourcing, reflecting our commitment to ethical practices.


Hand-tied wefts are ideal for those who dream of thick, luxurious hair but worry about the bulk and weight of traditional weft extensions. These extensions offer a seamless appearance and feel, making them perfect for individuals with fine or thin hair.


Machine sewn wefts are another type of hair extension where the hair strands are sewn together using a machine. They provide a more affordable and quicker option for adding volume and length to the natural hair.


Hybrid wefts are a unique type of hair extension that combines the best features of hand-tied and machine sewn wefts. They provide a seamless and natural look, are durable and long-lasting, and offer versatility in installation methods. They are also comfortable and lightweight, making them a great choice for those looking for high-quality hair extensions.


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