Add length and volume to your hair with Glamour Locks non-damaging hair extensions, the only patented beaded weft hair extensions system.

The Glamour Locks system uses special tools and proprietary application methods to offer guaranteed non-damaging hair extensions, and is the only system that will not damage your hair. Other methods may claim to be less damaging, but don’t be fooled. Even these will cause some degree of strain to your hair.

Other methods of hair extension attach the extension directly to your natural hair, adding a great deal of weight that puts stress on your hair, ultimately causing damage. But the Glamour Locks hair extension uses a special tool called a Tension Strap that creates a barrier between the extension hair and you natural hair. The weight of the extension is put onto the Tension Strap instead. This is why the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is guaranteed non-damaging to your natural hair.

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions From Glamour Locks: Glamour Locks offers a beaded weft system of extensions that is completely safe, non-damaging and natural-looking.That’s because we only use the highest quality human hair available – and when you use the highest quality hair, your extensions look better and last longer, blending seamlessly with your natural hair for up to a year before needing replacement.

How Are The Beaded Weft Hair Extensions Applied?

First your Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylist will put a horizonal part across the back of your head, creating a row. Your hair extension stylist will then attach a thin piece of elastic material called a Tension Strap to the hair along the row using sections of your hair and super lightweight beads.

Once The Tension Strap is securely fastened, your stylist will sew the hair weft (the actual hair extension) onto the row to add length and volume to your hair. Because the Tension Strap holds the weight of the extension, it prevents it stress on your natural hair. The Tension Strap is a patented tool of Glamor Locks, and no other hair salon or stylist can use it.

Next, your hair extension stylist will expertly blend the extensions with your natural hair, giving you a flawless, invisible, and completely natural-looking hair extension.

Why Glamour Locks is a reliable salon for hair extensions?

  • The Highest Quality Hair Available: This hair will last up to one year before needing to be replaced.
  • Non-Damaging and Safe Hair Extensions: The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is the only patented and guaranteed non-damaging hair extension method available.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Consistent Quality: Every Certified Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylist has gone through extensive training in our apprenticeship program. Every stylist who works on our floor has proven their ability to deliver high quality, consistent work.
  • Modern and Contemporary Salons: When you walk into a Glamour Locks Grand Studio you will immediately know you’re in good hands. Our salons are modern, clean, and comfortable.


Our location: Visit us at either of our two locations in Anaheim Hills and Costa Mesa, California.

If you are interested in learning more about our patented hair extension system or Cuticle Hair, or if you would like to schedule a compliment a consultation.