A woman’s hair is central to her overall look. A good hair day means soaring confidence and taking the world head-on. But when you feel like you don’t have the hair you want, or you can’t style your hair in a certain way, it can be devastating. It may feel like “some women just have beautiful hair and I don’t,” but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are products that can get you the hair you want and the confidence you deserve. One of these products is hair extensions; but not all extensions are created equal. Hand Tied Weft Extensions from Glamour Locks offer the best, natural look you want without damaging your hair or scalp.

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Hand Tied Weft Extensions, installed by a Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylist, use a patented process with special tools to ensure a seamless blending of your new extensions with your natural hair. The extensions are hand-sewn in, using small aluminum beads your natural hair, and a patented tool called a Tension Strap to make a track. The Glamour Locks Hair Extensions will be attached along this track with very thin attachment points so there will be no bumps in your hair. The stylist will also use a root shadow to blend the colors of the extensions with your natural hair so the extensions are completely invisible.

A key component of this application process is the Tension Strap. The Tension Strap is a very thing and elastic piece of material that the extension hair is sewn onto. The Tension Strap served as a protective barrier between your natural hair and the extensions. This allows the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System to be completely safe and non-damaging.

Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylists have years of experiencethat allow them to deliver exceptional service to our clients. Our Certified Hair Extension Stylists are rigorously trained within the Glamour Locks Apprenticeship Program, giving them the skills needed to ensure the best experience for everyone who comes through our doors. We customize the hair extensions to give you the hair transformation of your dreams.

How to Safely Apply Hand Tied Extensions

When it comes to long-lasting, natural-looking hand tied hair extensions, always remember that a proper installation is vital.

Create a Row

Your Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylist will create a row, or a parting, across the back of your head in a horseshoe pattern.

Create a Glamour Track

Once the row is created, the Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylist will create a “Glamour Track.” Your natural hair will be fed through tiny aluminum beads, by hand, and gently clamped onto a Tension Strap, which will create the support structure needed for the Hand Tied Weft Extensions. The Tension Strap is a patented tool that is used to support the extensions and take the weight and pressure off your natural hair. Many inferior methods of hair extensions do not do this, which can lead to damage to your hair, your scalp, and may even create bald spots over time. Because of the process and tools used at Glamour Locks, our Hand Tied Weft Extensions do not have any of those issues. You can safely enjoy longer, fuller hair with more volume without worry.

Non-Damaging Hand Tied Hair Extension Application Method

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System ensures asafe, painless, and damage-free hair transformation. If you are considering getting extensions, look no further than Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extensions.

Choosing Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Extensionswith one of our certified stylists is the only guaranteed method available today. It is designed to help women enjoy natural-looking, comfortable, and stress-free hair extensions to flaunt dream locks.

Glamour Locks Hair extensions are made with 100% real, lightweight, human hair that are easy to care for and conceal. Our Hand Tied Wefts are silicone-free, minimally processed, and ethically sourced.

Once they’re in, you can style your Glamour Locks Hand Tied Extensions just like your natural hair. Whether you want straight hair, flowing locks, bouncy curls, or just a classic bun, Glamour Locks will ensure you get all the styles you could ever want!

If you have any questions about Hand Tied Weft Extensions, want to know more about Glamour Locks Hair Extension System, or schedule a complimentary consultation, visit https://www.glamourlocks.com/ today!