Long, thick, and full hair can add unimaginable confidence to anyone experience hair thinning or for women who struggle to grow their hair past a certain length, women experiencing health issues, or even women who have recently had a bad haircut. Adding hair extensions can instantly add length and volume. But you want to be careful before choosing the right extension method for you. Many extension methods cause damage because they use chemical adhesives, heat or other attachment methods that cause stress to your natural hair. If you are looking for the absolute best hair extension option, then you should consider Glamour Locks Weft Extensions.

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The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is a sew-in beaded weft extensions method that utilizes patented tools and application methods to provide you with non-damaging hair extensions. The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is completely invisible. Glamour Locks exclusively uses Cuticle Hair Wefts, the highest quality hair imported from reputable suppliers in Eastern Europe. Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylists are recruited from top tier beauty schools and are extensively trained before they are promoted to full time extension stylists. So you can be sure that you are getting the best possible service no matter who you see or which location you visit.

When you leave a Glamour Locks Hair Salon you will walk out with long, thick, and beautiful hair that looks completely natural and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. Nobody will know that you are wearing hair extensions. And the best part is that they are completely safe and non-damaging. They are also completely invisible. You can wear them anywhere and, in any style, and nobody will be able to see them.

What are Weft Hair Extensions? Weft Hair Extensions are more secure, more discrete and more comfortable than individual hair extension methods like fusion bonds and i-tips. A hair weft is a collection of hair strands sewn together at the top onto a super-thin cloth strip. This creates an almost curtain like appearance when the hair weft is held end to end.

Weft hair extension are applied to your hair along the back of your head. They are placed vertically from one end of your head to the other. The weft is placed along the back of your head and the hair then drapes down, adding length. Wefts generally come in lengths 16” – 24”” but longer lengths are available.

To securely attach the weft to your hair, your stylist will first need to create a track across the back of your head to securely sew the weft onto. First your stylists will create a row across the back of your head. A row is just a parting of your hair where the track will be created. The track is created using sections of your own hair, aluminium beads, and some sort of support structure to support the weight of the extension hair.

Glamour Locks has been providing our clients with industry leading hair extension for over 10 years. With thousands of clients served and hundreds of positive online reviews, it becomes clear who the most trusted hair extension provider is. We guarantee all our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. We also have very strong relationship with the most reputable hair extension suppliers in the world. When you purchase hair at Glamour Locks it comes with a hair guarantee. A guarantee that it is 100% human hair, single donor, and ethically sourced.