Do you suffer from thinning hair? If you do, then you may want to consider getting hair extensions to add length and volume. Hair extensions are a great option for women who want to instantly add volume, length, or both to their hair. But you need to be careful when choosing a method of hair extensions. There are many out there that use harsh adhesives like keratin glue that can severely damage your hair and scalp. That is why it is important to choose a non-damaging method of hair extensions like The Glamour Locks Weft Hair Extension Method.

What Are Hand Tied Weft Extensions?

Hand Tied Weft Extensions are methods of extensions that involve the use of hand tying or sewing the extension hair and integrating it with your natural hair. There are many different types of hand tied weft extension methods, but the only guaranteed safe method is The Glamour Locks Weft Extension Method.

Just like all Hand Tied Weft Extensions, Glamour Locks uses a system of tools and sewing methods to seamlessly add and blend the extension hair to your natural hair. First, your Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylist will create a row across the sides and back of your head in a horseshoe pattern. Depending on how much hair you are adding your stylist will create between 1 and 3 of these rows. If you have thinning on the sides of your hair, don’t worry, we are able to adjust the size and placement of the row to ensure they are 100% discrete.

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Then your stylist will take small sections of your hair, feed it through aluminium beads and securely fasten the bead to what is called a Tension Strap. The Tension Strap is a very thin, but strong and elastic piece of material that is added to your rows with aluminum beads added from end to end. Once the Tension Strap is attached your stylist will securely hand tie the weft to your completed row.

The Tension Strap is a patented tool that is only available at Glamour Locks Hair Extensions. The Tension Strap is a key component in preventing our extensions from damaging your hair. Because the extension hair, which can weigh as much as a billiards ball, is not attached directly to your natural hair, but is instead attached to the Tension Strap, that weight is prevented from pulling on your natural hair.

Benefits Of Hand Tied Hair Extensions:

Among the various types of extension method available, Hand Tied Hair Extensions are widely regarded as being the most safe, secure, and discrete. But it is worth noting that there are many different types of Hand Tied Hair Extensions, some even that will damage your hair. The most damage causing method of hand tied hair extensions is the traditional braid and sew, or hair weave. Believe it or not, the basic structure that makes up the braid and sew method can be dated all the way to ancient Egypt where Queens and Pharos would add length to their hair with hair extensions made of sheep’s wool.

Thankfully we live in the 21st Century because we now have access to much more modern methods of extensions that are safe and non-damaging.

The traditional braid and sew method of hand tied extensions is well known to be damaging and uncomfortable. Also, the braids that are created can be bulky and can give off a foul odour if not washed properly.

More modern method of Hand Tied Hair Extensions include The Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extension System. A completely non-damaging and discrete method of Hand Tied Extensions. Other benefits of a modern hand tied weft extension method are that they’re safer, more comfortable, more discrete, faster to apply and remove, and are more natural and beautiful in appearance.

Why Glamour Locks?

  • Glamour Locks Hair Extensions are completely invisible and discrete. You can wear them in any style and on every occasion without them becoming visible.
  • Cuticle Hair is exclusively available at all Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salons. Cuticle Hair is the highest quality extension hair you can get. It is ethically sourced from Eastern European countries. It is 100% human, minimally processed and cuticle aligned extension hair.
  • All Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylists have gone through rigorous training to ensure that every stylist at Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salons will provide you with the absolute best service.
  • We are very selective when it comes to recruiting new stylists to work at our Hair Extension Salons. Most are graduated from top tier beauty schools and already have a proven ability to provide excellent color services.
  • Glamour Locks is the only patented and guaranteed non-damaging method of hair extensions.

So if you are looking for a fast and effective way to add length and volume to your hair, then you should look no further than Glamour Locks Hair Extensions. The only patented and guaranteed non-damaging hair extension method

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