When it comes to hair extensions the two most important things to consider are whether or not the extensions will cause damage to your natural hair and the quality of the extension hair. Glamour Locks Hair Extensions offers both non-damaging hair extensions and Cuticle Hair Wefts, the highest quality extension hair available.

When you come to Glamour Locks you know you are going to walk out with beautiful, long and natural looking hair. Glamour Locks is a Weft Hair Extension Method that utilizes patented tools and application methods to provide women with invisible and safe hair extensions.

About Glamour Locks: Glamour Locks is the premier hair extension option for women who want to discretely add length and volume to their hair without the risk of damage. Glamour Locks Weft Hair Extensions are completely invisible and can be worn up in a ponytail, in a bun or in any other style and they will still be invisible. That is because the attachment point is very thin and discrete. The application is faster than most other methods as well. On average retightening appointments are only between 1 and 2 hours and you can re-use the hair wefts over and over again. Glamour Locks has been providing weft hair extensions to their customers for over 10 years and the quality of our services can be seen in our reviews on Yelp and Google. Glamour Locks is the only patented and guaranteed non-damaging weft hair extension method.  Visit our Grand Studios in Costa Mesa and Anaheim Hills.

Weft Hair Extensions:. Weft Hair extensions are the best type of extensions you can get. The biggest benefit is that weft hair extension methods, like The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System, are non-damaging. Other benefits include fast application, re-usable hair, invisible attachment points, and comfort. Weft Hair extensions do not use harsh adhesives like glue or tape. They are sewed in by hand. This results in more secure and comfortable hair extensions than other methods. What makes The Glamour Locks Hair Extension Method unique to other weft hair extensions is the patented tools and application methods that they use. Tools like the Tension Strap, an ultra-thin, but strong material that holds the weight of the extension hair and prevents pulling on your natural hair. There are other weft hair extension methods that claim to be “less damaging”, but Glamour Locks is the only one with a no damage guarantee.

Why Choose Glamour Locks for Weft Hair Extensions?

  • Glamour Locks Exclusively Carries Cuticle Hair Wefts, The Highest Quality Hair That Is Ethically Sourced From Eastern Europe. Cuticle Hair Weft are 100% human, single donor, minimally processed and come with the cuticle intact. Cuticle Hair Wefts will last between 9 and 12 months with proper care.
  • Glamour Locks uses Patented Tool and Application Methods To Provide Their Clients With Natural and Non-Damaging Weft Hair Extensions.
  • Glamour Locks Hair Extension Are Very Secure And Can Be Worn In Any SituationLike The Gym Or In The Pool Without Worrying About Them Falling Out Or Being Seen.
  • All Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylists Are Hired Based On Their Proven Ability To Perform High Quality Work and Are Trained In Our Glamour Locks Apprenticeship Program Before Being Promoted To Full Time Hair Extension Stylist.

If you are interested in learning more about our patented hair extension system, Cuticle Hair, or if you would like to schedule a compliment a consultation. Go to www.glamourlocks.com today.