Paula began her training at a very young age in Beirut, Lebanon where her parents owned their own beauty salon. She learned and watched as they interacted with their clients, without realizing she would one day be making a difference working with her own clientele. Sadly, war began in her beautiful hometown of Beirut and Paula’s family was forced to leave their home and their established salon to find refuge in Athens, Greece. They began again with a new salon, where Paula and her family spent the next four years following their passion for hair care.  Paula has fond memories of watching her parents care for their clients in Athens who were part of a community filled with peace, tranquility and the simplicity of living life to its fullest.

Later in 1979 Paula’s family moved to sunny Southern California where they opened new salons. Soon Paula graduated from high school and beauty school and began working as a full-time hairstylist. Although most young hairstylists are learning the basics of haircare, Paula was able to master many things early on by helping her parents, so by the age of only 19 Paula was already a master hairstylist with a full clientele.

The Patent

Not long after that, Paula opened her own salon, South Orange County, where she continued to build her clientele and was introduced to the world of hair extensions. She immediately became interested in improving the way hair extensions were worn. Concerned with the damage hair extensions were causing, Paula was determined to come up with a new system that would not damage the hair whatsoever. The Glamour Locks technique was born and word spread quickly. People from all over the country began flying in to meet with Paula and experience the Glamour Locks hair extension system for themselves. Because this technique was so unique she had it patented, which was quite an accomplishment for Paula’s career.

Paula takes pride in knowing her invention has a powerful and useful purpose for people interested in improving their own hair length and volume while avoiding damage. Because the Glamour Locks hair extension system can only be installed in an authorized Glamour Locks facility, Paula has personally trained and certified her hairstylist staff.