Beaded Weft Hair Extensions


The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is a sew-in beaded weft system that utilizes patented tools and application methods to provide you with non-damaging hair extensions.

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Cuticle Hair

All Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salons exclusively carry Cuticle Hair and Cuticle Hair +

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Cuticle Wefts Are

Silicone Free

Single Donor

European Sourced

100% Human Hair

Will Last Up To One Year

Mono-Directional Cuticle Aligned

Cuticle Intact

Cuticle Hair is 100% human with the cuticle intact. This is important because the cuticle is what gives your extensions their natural properties and allows them to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.  

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The cuticle is the outermost layer of your natural hair and provides your hair with bounce, elasticity, shine, and when healthy gives your hair it’s natural glow and luster.

Single Donor Hair

Cuticle Hair is collected from single donors, meaning a donor’s hair is gathered into a ponytail before cutting it. This keeps each hair strand and the cuticle that surrounds it aligned so that it does not require a silicone coating. 

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No Silicone Coating

Cheap hair extensions are collected from brushes that contain hair from multiple donors and are then acid washed to strip the cuticle because the cuticle of the hair is not aligned or single directional.

The hair is subsequently coated with silicone to make it appear healthy—that is, until the silicone wears away after the first few washes. That’s when the tangles and matting occur. 


Cuticle Hair is never coated in silicone and can be washed hundreds of times and still retain it’s natural bounce and beauty. 


Cuticle Hair is cuticle aligned. Meaning the cuticle of your hair extensions will all be running the same direction. Or what we call “cuticle aligned”. 

When your hair extensions are cuticle aligned it will result in a natural taper from top to bottom. Meaning it is thicker at the root with a gradual taper towards the ends.

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Cuticle aligned hair extensions are completely natural looking, silky, shiny, soft, and tangle-free. The hair can be further processed for texture or color if needed and it doesn’t tangle or matte while washing.


Cuticle Hair comes in the body wave pattern. You can scrunch it to create a wavy look, let it air dry for a slight body, or blow-dry and flat iron it straight very easily. We like body waves because it also holds a curl very well.