We Only Use 100% Human Hair. Never Synthetic. 

Hair extensions are only as good as the hair they use. That's why we only use 100% single sourced Eastern European hair, one of the highest quality hair types available. We carry a two different brands of hair for you to choose from. 


Brand 1: Glamour Locks Cuticle Hair
  • Lasts Up To One Year
  • Available in up to 24" in length 
Cuticle Hair Wefts are composed of Single Drawn HairThis means that the hair will be thick at the tip of the bundle and then taper off slightly towards the end. This gives it a very natural finish and closely mirrors the thickness of your natural hair. 

    Cuticle Hair is sourced from a single hair donor, meaning all the hair is from the same person, giving the hair a consistent texture from end to end. This consistency allows the extensions to blend naturally with your hair, making them virtually undetectable.

    Cuticle Hair is available in lengths up to 24” (A Little Past Your Waist) 

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    Brand 2: Glamour Locks Custom Hair 
    • Lasts Up To One Year
    • Available In Up To 24" In Length

    Custom Hair Wefts are tied by hand vs tied by a machine like our other two hair brands. Because they are tied by hand, we are able to blend different colors and textures together to perfectly match your natural hair. 

    Custom Hair Wefts are much thinner than machine-sewn wefts. This means that the Custom Hair will lay flatter against your scalp to give you a more natural look and significantly reduce hair bumps. 

    Custom Hair Wefts are more flexible than machine tied wefts. As your hair underneath the hair extensions grows, the flexibility of hand-tied wefts helps to keep the weft from sticking out. 

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    If you are interested in trying our damage free hair extensions you can visit us at our Grand Studio in Costa Mesa or our Signature Studio in Mission Viejo. Our studios are accessible to all of Orange County and Los Angeles.

    You can also request your consultation here. If you want to learn more about our hair extension system you can read about our patented system here.

    The cost of our hair extensions will depend on the length of your existing hair and how long you want to go. Check out our pricing page to learn how we determine what the cost of your extensions will be.