Premium Hair Wefts

Cuticle Hair

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System exclusively uses Cuticle Hair Wefts, which are made from the highest quality human hair available.

Cuticle Hair Wefts Are

Silicone Free

Single Donor

Can Last Up To One Year

Ethically Sourced European Hair

Mono-Directional & Cuticle Aligned

100% Human Hair With The Cuticle Intact

Cuticle Intact

Cuticle Hair is 100% human with the cuticle intact. This is important because the cuticle is what gives your extensions their natural properties and allows them to blend seamlessly with your hair.  

Single Donor Hair

Cuticle Hair is collected from single donors, meaning a donor’s hair is gathered into a ponytail before cutting it. This keeps each hair strand and the cuticle that surrounds it aligned so that it does not require a silicone coating. 


The Highest Quality Hair

Cuticle Hair is never coated in silicone and can be washed hundreds of times and still retain it’s natural bounce and beauty. 

Cuticle Aligned

Cuticle Hair is cuticle aligned. Meaning the cuticle of your hair extensions will all be running the same direction. This is important because hair that is not cuticle aligned will become easily tangled and matted, and will be coated in silicone.

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