Extensions For Fine & Thin Hair


The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is a completely non-damaging method of hair extensions that is safe for even the most fragile, thin and damaged hair. 

Many of our clients have come to us after experiencing damage from other methods of extensions, from over-processing and overcoloring, or medical and heredity issues. 

Client Testimonial

Watch a client testimonial of a client who came to us after experiencing severe damage from other methods of extensions. 

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If you suffer from thin or fine hair then you are going to want to choose a method of hair extensions that do not cause stress to your natural hair.

The thinner your hair is, the more susceptible it is to damage. 

Some hair extension methods are considered to be “less damaging” and others like keratin bonds and tapes  are known to be extremely damaging.

But when it comes to fragile hair, there is only one method you should trust. And that method is The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System. 

Most hair extension methods attach the extensions directly to your natural hair. That means you are adding the weight of a baseball to your hair and that weight is constantly pulling on your natural hair. This is the primary cause of damage, bald spots and breakage. 

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System utilizes a patented tool called a “Tension Strap” to eliminate the risk of damage. 

The Tension Strap is a thin and elastic piece of material that is added during the application process. The extension hair is hand tied or sewn onto the Tension Strap and it eliminates the stress and tension that would otherwise be placed on your natural hair. 

How Is It Applied?

A Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylist will begin by creating a horizontal row across the back of your hair.

A row is a parting of your hair that is created from one side of your head, around the back and to the other side, making a horseshoe pattern. (See Image Below) 

Then your stylist will securely apply the Tension Strap to the row. The Tension Strap is added by taking sections of your natural hair and feeding it through a bead that is gently clamped down onto the row and tension strap.

Because this is a proprietary portion of the Glamour Locks application method, we cannot show what the Tension Strap looks like.


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