Hand Tied Weft Extensions

Glamour Locks Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions are methods of extensions that involve the use of hand tying or sewing the extension hair and integrating it with your natural hair.


First your Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylist will create a row across the back of your head.

A row is a parting of your hair where the extensions will be attached.

Then your stylist will attach a patented tool called a tension strap along the row using sections of your natural hair and aluminum beads.

This is called a "Beaded Track"

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The tension strap creates a barrier between your natural hair and the weight of the extension hair. This eliminates stress and damage that would otherwise be placed on your natural hair.

Then your stylist will sew the hair weft onto the Beaded Track using our patented sewing method.

A hair weft is a type of extension hair that is micro-sewn at the top, creating a curtain like appearance of thousands of strands of hair.

Because the attachment point and the weft are both very thin, the extensions are completely invisible.

You can where them to the gym, the pool and anywhere else without having to worry about them showing.