Weft Hair Extensions

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is a sew-in beaded weft system that utilizes patented tools and application methods to provide you with non-damaging hair extensions.

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How It Works

First, we will gather your hair to create a row across the back of your scalp.

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Then we will create a Glamour Track using a Tension Strap. The Tension Strap is what makes our system non-damaging.

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The Tension Strap is an elastic piece of material that is attached at various points along the back of your scalp on the row created by the stylist. 

The extension hair is then sewn onto the Glamour Track using our patented stitching method. 

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Then we will finish your appointment with a blending and styling service. Our stylists have extensively trained in extension blending and styling techniques, ensuring that you will leave with beautiful, long and natural looking hair. 

We will also show you how to style your hair at home. 

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