A Patented Hair Extension System


The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is the only patented and guaranteed damage free hair extension method. The system utilizes specialized  tools and application methods to provide women with damage free, comfortable and undetectable extensions. 


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How Is It Applied? 




As seen above, our Glamour Locks Technicians will gather your hair to create a row across the back of your scalp. 




As seen above, the technician will then create a Glamour Track using a Tension Strap. The Tension Strap bears the weight of the extension hair resulting in less stress on your natural hair. Other hair extension methods attach the extension hair directly to your natural hair, causing strain and damage.




After all the Glamour Tracks are finished and the extension hair has been applied, you will be left with beautiful long and natural looking hair. Our hair extensions are practically undetectable and look amazing. 




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