Our Method

Patent Non-Damaging

Our Glamour tracks have a patented tension strap that creates a cushioned barrier between the extension beads and your natural hair. Most extension methods attach the extension hair directly to your natural hair. Over time, this creates a lot of stress on your hair, resulting in bald spots, and hair loss. Our patented tension strap is used to prevent any damage the beads may cause and helps alleviate the weight of your hair wefts to create a comfortable damage free hair extension method.


Our patented hair extension method is safe for every hair type. From extremely thin to coarse curly hair. If you have any concerns with your hair type, our Certified Stylists can answer all questions for you.

Custom Color Matching

Our Glamour Locks Certified stylists are trained to custom color or hair extensions to match your hair color. From ash-colored blondes, balayage, and punky pinks, we have you covered!


If you are interested in learning more or if you would like a price quote, please schedule your consultation today!