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Glamour Locks Weft Hair Extensions are completely invisible, non-damaging and secure.

Instantly add length and volume to your hair with Glamour Locks Hair Extensions.

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What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

Weft Hair Extensions are hand sewn or hand tied into your natural hair using a thread and needle.

Weft Hair Extensions blend more seamlessly and look more natural than other methods of extensions.

How It Works

First, your stylist will create a row, or a parting of your hair that runs from one side of your head to the other, creating a horse shoe pattern.

Once the row is finished, your stylist will then create a "track" along the row.

A Track

A "track" is a support structure that is added to the row using beads and sections of your own hair.

To create the track your stylist will take sections of your natural hair and feed it through a small aluminum bead. This process will be repeated in 1 inch increments until a track of your natural hair is created along the entire length of the row.  

Hair Wefts

Once the track is created your stylist will then hand-sew a "hair weft" to your completed track.

The hair weft is a type of extension hair that is micro-sewn at the top, creating a curtain like appearance.

Completely Invisible

Because the attachment point and the weft are both very thin, the extensions are completely invisible.

There is no noticeable bump. And your stylist should be applying a root shadow to the extensions to seamlessly blend them with the color of your natural hair. 

Be Careful

Not all sew-in extension methods where created equal. And many will cause damage to your hair.

The only guaranteed safe and non-damaging method of extensions is the Glamour Locks Sew-In Method.

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Why Glamour Locks?

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is a patented, invisible beaded weft hair extension method that has been around for over 17 years! 

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is the only patented, invisible and guaranteed safe method of extensions.  

Expertly Trained Stylists

All Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylists are recruited based on their ability to perform high quality work.

Once hired, our stylist go through months of training in our apprentice program and are not promoted to full time stylist until they meet our standards of quality and consistently.


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