Glamour Locks


How Much Does It Cost?

Glamour Locks Tracks

How Many Glamour Locks Tracks Do You Need?

We install between 1-3 tracks

Installation begins at $170 per track

Maintenance begins at $135 per track

Hair Extensions

How Much Hair Do You Need?

Our tracks hold 1 to 3 packs of hair

1x Pack of Hair starts at $250

Hair pricing varies depending on length, quality, and amount of ounces. Our hair starts from $250/pack 16" and can go up to $660/pack for 28" hair.

Installation Starting Price


2x Glamour Locks Track ($170 each)


2x Pack of 18" Hair ($314 each) = $970

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Glamour Locks Tracks

Glamour Locks tracks are rows along the back of your head that are created by our stylists. Depending on how much hair we will be adding, you will need between 1 and 3 Glamour Tracks.

Cost of Installation

Each Track starts at $170 (this does not include the price of extension hair).


Hand-Tied Wefts

are made by hand one knot at a time. This process takes a lot longer which makes them pricer.
  • Thin
  • Lays Flatter Against Scalp
  • More Invisible For Thinner Hair
  • Flexible & Delicate

Hybird Wefts

are the future of hair extensions, combining the best features of traditional hand-tied wefts and machine-wefted extensions. This innovative blend offers the perfect balance of durability, flexibility, and comfort, giving you the ultimate look.

Machine-Sewn Wefts

are made by a machine which creates a thicker band but more durable and can achieve more density.

  • Volume On Roots
  • Good For Thicker Hair
  • Durable


The cost of our hair services is carefully calibrated based on the length, quality, and weight of the hair used, ensuring a customized approach to each client's unique requirements. We invite you to schedule a personal consultation where we can provide you with a tailored quote that best suits your individual needs.

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Ready For you Your Transformation?

We pride ourselves on offering a patented non-damaging hair extension system that matches perfect with our top of the line hair. Glamour Locks exclusively uses Cuticle Hair Wefts, which are made from the highest quality human hair available.

– We can’t wait to help you achieve your dream look!-

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