Taking care of your Glamour Locks Hair Extensions is crucial to keeping them healthy looking. Proper at home care will ensure that your Glamour Locks Cuticle Hair lasts a full year.

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We only recommend Cuticle Lisse hair products to our clients. It is a complete step-by-step system designed specifically for hair extensions to keep them looking healthy and natural. You will see us reference these products throughout this at home care guide.

Keep Hair Clean  

It is recommended to use a Sulfate Free  PH balanced Moisturizing Shampoo on your extension hair.  Wash your hair 1 to 2 times a week to keep hair clean. Also wash your hair  right after the Jacuzzi or exercise.

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Shampoo and Conditioning

Why It’s Important 

We recommend to use our own hair care line Cuticle Lisse made exclusive for hair extensions and for dry and damaged hair. Extension hair needs to be treated like its dry and damaged because it doesn’t get nutrients from your scalp. 


Wet your hair and apply shampoo on your scalp and through the extensions. Thoroughly scrub your scalp but squeeze the shampoo into your extensions. Do Not Rub your extensions roughly back and forth. Rinse shampoo and repeat one more time if necessary to get it clean and all  leave in products out of your hair.


Apply conditioner to the entire extension hair while avoiding the scalp area.  Conditioning the hair is vital to its maintenance. Conditioner on the scalp will cause the extensions to loosen up faster. Brush your hair starting from the ends and work your way to your roots  while holding on to the base of your extensions with the other hand to avoid tugging. Depending how often you wash your hair, use Cuticle Lisse Argan Oil Deep Conditioning Masque once a week or every other week. Gently rinse and towel dry hair with squeezing technique. Rubbing of the hair with towel can cause tangles.

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First, apply Cuticle Lisse Smoothing Leave In Therapy. For curly or frizzy hair you can also apply Keratin Leave-In Serum.

Second, brush holding on to the base of your hair/ scalp  with the other hand. Apply Cuticle Lisse Argan Oil or Serum to your extension hair and your own ends if needed.  Your hair needs to be brushed daily between washings unless you have curly hair extension. If you have curly hair you may need to wash your hair a minimum of every other day.  Brush curly hair only when wet.

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Be gentle and do not  tug on your hair extensions.  You can let your hair air dry or blow dry and  then style as usual. If using a hot tool for styling, example:( Curling  iron, flat iron, ect.) spray Cuticle Lisse Thermal Defense Hot Tools Mist one section at a time right before applying hot tools to protect your hair and add hold.


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Styling Curly Hair  Brush your hair only when wet. Apply Cuticle Lisse Smoothing Leave-In Therapy and Aragon Oil or Serum and Biolage Gelle, Scrunch and let air dry.  To create nice curls, try not to touch, brush or run your fingers through your hair as it will make hair frizzy and loosen curl.

Watch This Video On How To Curl Your Extensions


Miscellaneous Tips

We cannot guarantee that the hair will remain healthy if you use excessive heat. Please use with caution and turn down temperature of your hot tools. We recommend you use hot rollers for styling .

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Brush your hair before going to bed and pull back  in low pony tail or high bun . It will keep your hair from tangling and keep your curls nice.  Never go to bed with wet hair as it can cause matting.

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Chemical Treatment-IMPORTANT

I understand that I should not chemically alter the extension hair.  If I do, it is at my own risk and I will not hold Glamour Locks or its employees responsible.

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I am advised that swimming without taking caustion can cause damage to my extensions whether it is ocean or chlorinated water. If you swim, wet  your hair before entering water and apply silicon and braid hair If you are getting in and out of the water , reapply silicon and brush any tangles out before going back to swimming. .  It is important to rinse, condition , brush and apply Smoothing Leave –In Therapy right after swimming.

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Removing Your Extensions

Your extensions should only be removed by a Glamour Locks Hair Extension Specialist.  Do not attempt to remove your extensions yourself or have any other person remove them.  Improper removal may cause damage to your own hair and scalp. A Glamour Locks Specialist has the special training  to remove them.

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Is every 6 to 10 weeks depending on your hair.  ( Ask your stylist for details)



If matting occurs brush your hair from ends to roots with a soft and gentle Glamour Locks brush.  If it is still tangled make an appointment to see a Glamour Locks Specialist as soon as possible.