A Hair Weft is a bundle of extension hair that is micro-sewn at the top giving it a curtain like appearance that drapes down and adds length and volume when applied to your hair. You can see an example of a hair weft below.

The hair weft can either be machine sewn or hand tied. Hand Tied Wefts are regarded as being of higher quality since they are thinner and more flexible than machine sewn wefts. But both are ultra-thin and completely discrete when added to your hair. There is no visible bump and the attachment points are completely hidden.

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When it comes to the “types” of extension hair you can get, wefts are your best option.

Other types of extension hair include

  • Fusion Bonds – Use Harsh Glue Adhesives
  • Tapes – Taps can cause damage
  • Individual Micro Bead Extensions

The biggest advantage to using a weft hair extension method versus these other methods is that Weft Hair Extensions are the safest and least damaging when used on a Beaded Track System.

Hair Extension Wefts are the only type of extension hair that will work with Beaded Track Hair Extension Systems.

Beaded Track Hair Extension Systems are the newest and most sophisticated method of hair extensions on the market.

Beaded Track Hair Extensions are comprised of two primary components.

The first component is the type of extension hair that is used. And as mentioned before that type is hair wefts.

The second component is the “Track”. A track is created by your stylist and serves as the secure attachment point. To create a track, first your stylist will part your hair in a horizontal “Row” that runs from one side of your head, around the back and to the other side, creating a horseshoe pattern.

You can see an example of what a row looks like below.

Once the row is created your stylist will then begun creating a Track of your natural hair along the row. The final track will look completely different depending on what type of Weft Hair Extension Method you are getting. Some methods attach the weft directly to the natural hair, other methods like The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System use a support structure to prevent the weight of the wefts from pulling on your natural hair.

What Is The Best Weft Hair Extensions Method?

Beaded Track Systems are the most modern and safest method of weft extensions available.

It is worth mentioning that hair extension wefts will also work with an outdated method called the hair weave or braid and sew method.

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Hair weaves are completely different than Beaded Track Hair Extension methods. Hair weaves are notorious for causing damage and bald spots. That is because hair weaves attach the hair wefts directly onto a braid of your own natural hair. There is already a great deal of tension being caused by the braid and then you add the weight of the extension hair, and you are almost guaranteed to experience breakage.

Beaded Weft Hair Extensions where first invented by Paula Rodriguez, the founder of Glamour Locks, over 17 years ago. When she first invented the Glamour Locks Beaded Weft Hair Extension Systemthey were the only one available. Since then, Beaded Weft Extensions have exploded in popularity.

Just do a quick Google search and you are guaranteed to find dozes of different companies offering some variation of the Glamour Locks Beaded Weft System.

But none of these methods offer what Glamour Locks does.

Why Is Glamour Locks The Best Weft Hair Extension System?

There are a lot of reason why you should choose Glamour Locks over other Weft Hair Extension Systems.

First, The Glamour Locks Weft Hair Extension System is the only guaranteed non-damaging method of hair extensions. Glamour Locks has a patent on their methods and tools, so you cannot get Glamour Locks Extensions at any other salon.

Second, Glamour Locks exclusively carries Cuticle Hair Wefts. Cuticle Hair Wefts are wefts are made from 100% human hair that is ethically sourced from our suppliers in Eastern Europe. Cuticle Hair is either virgin or minimally processed and will last between 9 and 12 months before needing to be replaced.

Third, all Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylists are extensively trained in our apprenticeship program. Unlike other Beaded Weft Hair Extension companies which train their staff via quick online courses, Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylist must prove their ability to perform consistently high quality work before being promoted from an assistant to a full time hair extension stylist.

Fourth, Glamour Locks is the original beaded weft hair extension method and they have been performing this method of hair extensions for over 17 years. They have provided completely non-damaging hair extensions to thousands of clients, and you can see the proof of our quality in our online reviews.

If you are interested in learning more about Glamour Locks Weft Hair Extensions or if you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation, you can visit their website at www.glamourlocks.com