Are you dreaming about having longer, thicker hair? Maybe you’ve started to look into hand tied weft extensions but you’re not sure if they’re safe for your natural hair? Well stop worrying because there is a patented hand tied hair extension method offered by Glamour Locks that is exactly what you’re looking for. There are a lot of reasons why Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extensions are the best, but the main reasons our customers choose us over the competition is because we are the only safe and non-damaging method of hair extensions available.

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There are many reasons to get hair extensions. Sometimes you may just want to try out some new styles, but we work with many clients who rely on Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extensions because of various medical conditions. We’ve helped clients suffering from hereditary balding, or alopecia, to instantly get longer and thicker hair with our completely safe and natural-looking extensions.

There are a lot of different reasons why someone may consider hair extensions. Maybe they suffer from a medical condition that has resulted in thin hair, perhaps their hair won’t grow past a certain length, or maybe they have even experienced damage from a different method of hair extensions.

Whatever reason you have for wanting hair extensions, there are a few things that all women considering hair extensions should think about before committing to any extension method: are these hair extensions safe? Is the hair I am purchasing good quality? Does my hair stylist know what they are doing? Is this a reputable company?

When asking these questions about Glamour Locks, rest assured all the answers are yes!

Are Glamour Locks Hair Extension Safe?

Yes they are! In fact, The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is the only guaranteed non-damaging method of extensions available. The Glamour Locks creator, Paula Rodriguez invented the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System over 17 years ago and even had a patent put on it to prevent competitors from copying her invention. That is why you cannot get The Glamour Locks method anywhere but a Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salon.

Is The Hair Good Quality?

All Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salons exclusively carry a line of extension hair called Cuticle Hair Wefts. Cuticle Hair Wefts are 100% human hair that is ethically sourced from our Eastern European Suppliers. Cuticle Hair Wefts are the highest quality extension hair available and will last between 9 and 12 months with proper care.

Does My Stylist Know What They Are Doing?

We make sure all our Hair Extension Stylists are certified through our rigorous training program, which ensures every client receives the best service. Proper training and knowledge about the patented Glamour Locks Hair Extension method is what sets us apart and guarantees high-end service for each and every client.

Most other stylists go through quick online crash courses that lack the hands-on training necessary to provide high quality work.

Is This A Reputable Company?

Glamour Locks has been providing our method of non-damaging hair extension to clients for over 10 years! That means that we have provided hair extensions to thousands of happy customers. Just look at our reviews on Yelp and Google and you will see that we consistently get five-star reviews from customers who have had their lives changed thanks to our method of hair extensions.

Will They Look Natural?

Our stylists will perfectly match your color and texture to the extensions (we have over 32 colors in stock) and we will expertly blend the extensions to your hair. Nobody will know you have extensions other than you and your stylist (and whoever else you decide to tell).

Hand Tied Hair Extensions: The Patented Method

First, your Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylists will begin by creating a horizontal row in your hair across the back of your head. Depending on how much hair you are adding you will get between one and three rows.

Once the rows are created, your stylist will then begin adding the Tension Strap to the row. The Tension Strap is a patented tool that is a key component that makes our method non-damaging.

The Tension Strap is added to the row by taking small sections of your natural hair, feeding it through a bead and gently clamping the bead down onto the Tension Strap and the section of hair. This process is repeated in one-inch increments along the row until the Tension Strap is securely attached along the entire row from end to end.

The Tension Strap is a thin elastic piece of material that holds the weight of the extensions. Traditional methods attach the extension hair directly to your natural hair, which can be similar to the weight of your cell phone pulling down on your natural hair.

The Tension Strap removes that stress by creating a safety barrier between the extension hair and the natural hair.

After the Tension Strap is attached, your stylist will then hand tie the hair weft onto the completed track. That is where the term “Hand Tied Hair Extensions” comes from.

Why Choose Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Any method of hair extension that uses a hair weft as the type of extension hair is a “hand tied” method of hair extensions. And there are a lot of them out there, so which one is the best?

We have already outlined why the only hand tied method of hair extensions that is completely non-damaging is The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System. Not only is Glamour Locks non-damaging, but the quality of our hair, the training of our stylists, the seamless blending of the extensions, and our company reputation are all aspects that set us apart from the competition.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with Glamour Locks to learn more about our damage-free patented hair extension method!