When it is about hair extensions, hand tied weft extensions are the best! Hand tied hair extensions are comfortable and lightweight that gives a fully concealed and natural look. Unprofessional stylists using cheap hand-tied hair extension installation techniques can cause damage to your natural hair. If you want damage-free hand tied hair extensions, trust only the certified Glamour Locks Hair Extension Stylists.

The certified stylists with hands-on training and experience can handle the Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extensions application. Our Hair Extension Stylists undergo rigorous training in Glamour Locks Apprenticeship Program to gain expertise. Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extensions Stylists have a proven hands-on experience and ability to deliver the best.

Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is a patented method that includes unique techniques and tools for safe and damage-free hand tied hair extension application. It ensures you enjoy the added thickness, length, and volume without discomfort and damage.

The Beauty of Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extension 

What makes Glamour Locks Hand Tied Extensions the best of the rest? Highest quality hair and non-damaging patented system!

Highest Quality Human Hair

The Glamour Locks Hand Tied Hair Extensions include Cuticle Hair Wefts made from the highest quality 100%-human hair. The Cuticle Hair Wefts are minimally processed, silicone-free cuticle intact, ethically sourced, and from a single donor.

The Original Non-Damaging and Patented Hair Extension System

Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is an innovative invention by Paula Rodriguez that came into existence 17 years ago! Our hair extension method is unique and patented to prevent competitors from copying or imitating it.

Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylists follow the authentic application steps like

  • Create a row by parting the hair in a horizontal horse-shoe pattern across your head.
  • Creating Glamour Track using a patented tool called- Tension Strap along the row.
  • Once the Glamour Track is complete. Your stylist Hand Ties or Sew the weft onto the Tension Strap.

Our patented tool-Tension Strap makes The Glamour Locks Hair Extension Method completely non-damaging. The Tension Strap is a light and thin material that holds the hair extension’s weight. It prevents the weight from pulling or causing stress on your natural hair. Browse this link- https://www.glamourlocks.com/pages/the-system to know more about the patented Glamour Locks Hair Extensions Method!

Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Extensions are safe and discrete that give you the freedom to enjoy all your favorite activities, like swimming and working out at the gym.

When looking for non-damaging and safe extensions, consider Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions. Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions by Certified Stylists is the best choice to have gorgeous extensions without damage to your natural hair.

If you want to know more about a dream hair transformation with Glamour Locks Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions, visit https://www.glamourlocks.com/ to schedule a complimentary consultation!