There are many different types of hair extension available to women around the world, but only one type stands out as the best -sew-in beaded weft hair extensions. These are a method of permanent hair extension. Other methods include I-tips, fusion bonds, weaves, braids, and tapes. But while all these methods are considered permanent, all of them will cause damage to your hair – except for certain sew-in beaded weft hair extensions. And the safest and most of those is The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System. The Glamour Locks System is the only hair extension method that is patented and guaranteed to be safe and non-damaging to your hair.

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In this article we will break down all the benefits of sew-in beaded weft hair extensions so you can know with confidence that you are choosing the best hair extension method available.


Because sew-in beaded weft hair extensions are very quick to apply you end up spending much less money for your stylist’s time, saving you hundreds of dollars over much slower methods like I-tips and bonds.

Great For Short Hair

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System will work for hair length as short as 6” which is just below your ears. With our method you can have hair as long as 24” instantly! We’ve had many short-haired clients – whether recovering from medical treatment or just a bad haircut – who were able to get fuller, longer hair without worry of damage to their natural hair.

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Secure and Discrete:

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is completely invisible and is securely attached to your hair by hand. We use a patented stitching technique to securely attach your extension to your natural hair. This stitching technique will hold up in any situation; whether at the gym, the pool, on a run or at the club. No matter what, you don’t have to worry about the extension becoming loose or noticeable.

No Glue and No Damage:

Glamour Locks Sew-In Weft Hair Extension are attached using a patented stitching technique. There are no harsh adhesives like glue or tape like in other methods, which can damage your hair and result in severe matting and tangling. Don’t risk long term damage for short term hair length, choose Glamour Locks for non-damaging and natural looking hair extensions.

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No Heat:

Other hair extension methods like fusion bonds, require heat and glue to attach the extensions to your hair! With Glamour Locks the extensions are safely and securely attached to your hair using our patented stitching technique, no heat or glue required!

Flawless and Natural Look:

Sew-in weft hair extensions are sewn-in into your natural hair in a way that makes them invisible and offers a flawless, natural look. No one will realize that you are wearing a hair extension. Sew-in weft hair extensions enhance your natural hair by adding more volume and length, and allow you to style your hair in ways not previously possible.

Easy To Maintain:

Sew-in weft hair extensions require less maintenance than other methods of extensions, perfect for ladies who are always on the go. Maintenance is as simple as choosing the right hair care products and brushing your hair every night before bed. You should also avoid using hot tools on a high setting, as this can damage the hair. You should also take special precautions when swimming in chlorine or in the ocean. We recommend using a deep leave-in conditioner in these situations.