In this article we will look at some of the most popular hair extension options and list the pros and cons of each. In this article we only looked at semi-permanent hair extension options.

Semi-permanent hair extensions are for women who want a more long lasting solution to their short and thinning hair. These types of hair extensions can last up to four months before they need to be adjusted.

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Method 1 – Fusion & Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

This is a strand by strand hair extension method that is available at most hair salons. Fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions use glue to attach the extension hair to your natural hair.

 Fusion Hair Extensions Added To A Woman’s Hair


• Fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions have been around for a very long time so you can pretty much find them anywhere, making the service easy to find.

• You can wash and style the hair as you would your normal hair.

• The extensions last up to four months.

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• Because the extension hair is attached using glue, the attachment process itself is very damaging to your natural hair; the stylist will use heat to bond the glue to your natural hair. The heat causes a great deal of stress to your hair.

• The removal process is just as damaging, if not more, than the installation process. To remove these extensions your hairdresser will use chemicals to remove the bonds from your natural hair, causing additional damage.

• Because the hair is attached directly to your natural hair, the weight will be pulling directly on your scalp, which can cause bald spots.

• These extension are very time consuming, the initial installation can take up to four hours. And because they are so time consuming and labor intensive, they are very expensive. Most strand-by-strand extension methods, like fusion bonds, can cost over $2,000


Should You Get Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions? 

As beauty professionals with over 50 years of combined experience we would not recommend this method of hair extension to anyone, even if we were not in the hair extension business. They are damaging, uncomfortable and expensive.


Method 2: Micro-Link Hair Extensions 

Similar to the keratin and pre-bonded hair extension methods, micro-link or micro-bead extensions attach individual strands of extension hair to individual strands of your natural hair.

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This method uses what is know as a “micro-bead” to attach the individual strands of extension hair to your hair. The bead is clamped down using a special tool and heat, securing the extensions hair to your hair.


The Pros

• Similar to keratin and pre-bonded hair extensions, this method has been around for many years and can be found at most hair salons.

• You can wash and style the hair as you would your normal hair.

• The extensions can last up to 4 months

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The Cons

• Micro-link or micro-bead hair extensions cause a great deal of stress to your natural hair and scalp. This is due to the fact that your natural hair and scalp are bearing the weight of the extensions.

• Heat is used to bond the hair with the metal rings, which causes even more damage to your hair.

• This method is also very time consuming and labor intensive. You can expect your appointment to last between 3 and 4 hours. This method is also very expensive due to the fact that it is so time consuming. You can expect to pay around $2,000 if you are adding significant length and volume.


Should You Get Micro-Link Hair Extensions? 

Because these extensions are damaging we would not recommend them. To us, if hair extension are going to cause long term damage, then the short term benefit of longer hair is NOT worth it.


Method #3 Sew-In Weave

Weave in extensions use several small, tight braids, of your own hair to create a cornrow across your scalp. The hair extensions are then sewed onto the braids / cornrow.



• Weave In Hair Extensions have been around for a long time and are available at most hair salons.



• Unless you have very thick hair, this method can be very revealing because of the way they are applied; you need a lot of hair to cover the corn rows.

• This method is damaging for the same reason the other methods are, they are applied directly to your scalp and natural hair. Because they are applied directly to your natural hair, they cause a great deal of stress and damage. Think of all that weight pulling directly on your scalp and hair every day and night for the next three months.

• This is also a very time consuming method of hair extensions because the braid takes several hours to create and then additional time is needed to sew the extensions on.

Should You Get Braid & Sew Hair Extensions? 

Again, because this method will cause damage we do not recommend it to any woman. There are other hair extension methods, like the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System, that are safe and non-damaging.


Method #4 Glamour Locks Hair Extension System

How It Is Applied 

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System was designed and developed by Paula Rodriguez, a long time hair industry expert with over 27 years of experience.  After years of working with other semi-permanent methods of extensions and seeing the damage they were causing; she knew there had to be a better way. So she came up with her own method, The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System. The Glamour Locks System is the only patented and guaranteed damage free hair extension method available.

The Pros

• As we have mentioned throughout this article, The Glamour Locks Hair Extension Method is completely non-damaging. The system utilizes specialized tools and application methods to provide women with damage free, comfortable and undetectable extensions.

• The Glamour Locks system uses a tool called a Tension Strap to create a row across the back of your scalp. This is the only method we have discussed that uses something other than your own natural hair to bear the weight of the extensions. The Tension Strap creates a barrier between your natural hair and the extension hair, which is what makes them non-damaging.

• Watch This Video Of A Client Of Two Years Who Has Zero Visible Damage On Her Scalp.


The Cons

• Other than the maintenance that is involved, which all hair extension methods require, there are none. You can wear and style Glamour Locks Extensions just as you would your own natural hair.

• If you have never worn hair extensions before, then there will be some things that you need to get used to. The extension themselves will feel foreign at first, but our clients get used to them within a few days. After that they are hardly noticeable.

• There will also be additional steps you need to take when caring for your hair extensions, but nothing unmanageable. You can read more about our at home maintenance here.  



• At the end of the day we want to do what is best for our clients and that means providing them with services that will work for them in the long run; that means providing hair extensions that do not cause damage. In this article we covered the different types of semi-permanent hair extension methods that are available and what the pros and cons where of each.

• All of the methods, with the exception of the Glamour Locks Hair Extension system cause damage. So with that said, we recommend that you give Glamour Locks Hair Extensions a try. You can request your free consultation here.