When it comes to hair extensions in Orange County, there is only one place you should consider, and that place is Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salon.

Glamour Locks specializes in an invisible beaded weft method of hair extensions that is completely non-damaging and safe.  Most hair salons offer their clients a wide range of traditional hair extension methods like tapes, beads, and bonds. Some even offer more modern beaded weft methods, but none of them offer Glamour Locks, the only guaranteed non-damaging and patented method of hair extensions available.

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Traditional methods of hair extensions, like tapes, use harsh adhesives to apply the extensions to a client’s hair. This adhesive, coupled with the constant strain of the weight of the extensions pulling on the natural hair, is almost guaranteed to cause some level of damage to your natural hair.  In extreme cases, some women even have such bad hair damage that they are left with bald spots after these types of extensions are removed.

Beaded Row Hair Extensions, also known as Beaded Weft Extensions or even sometimes “Hand Tied Extensions,” are relatively new to the beauty industry. Glamour Locks is the originator of this superior method, first applying their patented method of hair extensions over 17 years ago. Since then, there have been dozens of copycat systems that have emerged to copy what we do, but Glamour Locks has a patent on their method of hair extensions to prevent others from emulating our method.

Other reasons why Glamour Locks is better than other beaded weft extension methods:

1 – Patented and Non-Damaging: We have already mentioned this, but this is the main reason why our clients choose us and continue to come to us. Our method is the only guaranteed non-damaging method for hair extensions available.

2 – Reputation: Glamour Locks has been around for over 10 years and Paula Rodriguez, the creator of the system, has been performing it for over 17 years and has over 40 years of experience in the beauty industry.

3 – The Highest Quality Hair: All Glamour Locks Hair Extension Salons in Orange County exclusively carry a line of extension hair called Cuticle Hair Wefts. Cuticle Hair Wefts are the highest quality extension hair available and will last between 9 and 12 months with proper care. They are made of 100% human hair that is ethically sourced from our Eastern European suppliers.

4 – Expert Training: Unlike other beaded weft extension methods that give their stylists an online crash source, all Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylists go through rigorous hands-on training and are not promoted to full time stylists until they have proven their ability to perform high quality and consistent work. That means that no matter who you see at one of our hair extension salons you are going to get the best possible service. Click Here to learn more about our Certified Glamour Locks Stylists.

5 – Completely Invisible: The number one priority of our stylists is making sure that your hair extensions look completely natural and invisible. Our stylists will perfectly match your color and texture to the extensions (we have over 32 colors in stock) and we will expertly blend the extensions to your hair. Nobody will know you have extensions other than you and your stylist (and whoever else you decide to tell).

So, if you are looking for the best hair extension method, the best stylist, and the best hair, then your only option is Glamour Locks Hair Extensions.

A Tried-and-True Hair Extension Method

Paula Rodriguez, the creator and founder of Glamour Locks Hair Extensions, invented the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System over 17 years ago. She grew tired of seeing the damage that was being done to her clients’ hair from all the old kinds of hair extensions available at the time. She knew her clients deserved better, and she worked to create the Glamour Locks Hair Extension System that we have today. Paula got the process and tools patented, so we are the only salons that can offer our guaranteed, non-damaging hair extensions in Orange County. No more hunting around for salons or researching extensions. Avoid the copycats or imitators – come to a Glamour Locks Salon and know you’re getting the best hair extensions available.

You can read through this article to learn the specifics about our patented Glamour Locks Hair Extension System!


The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System avoids all of the issues associated with traditional application methods that can damage your hair. We don’t use clip-in hair, tape-in, or fusion bonded extensions. Our system involves no glue, no heat, and no chemicals! You will get a complete, flawless hair transformation that is lightweight, comfortable, and natural-looking without risking damage to your natural hair or scalp. Our extensions are securely attached using our patented extension tools and method to make sure they are discrete and blend seamlessly with your hair. You’ll get to enjoy an active lifestyle with Glamour Locks Hair Extensions, and we guarantee that your extensions will never loosen or become visible!

Yes, there are many permanent hair extension methods available, but Glamour Locks is the most trusted, industry-leading extension provider available. Our extensions are safe, secure, non-damaging, and completely invisible, and that’s why we’re the best.

Just like Paula Rodriguez, we believe all our clients deserve beautiful, natural, and non-damaging hair extensions.

If you are ready for a dream transformation with the highest quality hair extensions in Orange County, visit https://www.glamourlocks.com/ to schedule a complimentary consultation!