What are non-damaging beaded sewn in weft hair extensions?

Our Glamour tracks have a patented tension strap that creates a cushioned barrier between the extension beads and your natural hair.  What that strap does is help alleviate the weight of the weft, and prevent damage that the beads may cause.

How is our hair different from other hair extensions?

We only carry the highest quality of ethically sourced 100% human cuticle hair from a single donor. These extensions are called cuticle hair. This hair can last up to one year depending on at home care. We also have a very large selection of different colors, lengths, and textures to fit every clients needs.

How is our method different from others?

We are set apart with our patent guaranteed non damaging beaded sewn in weft method. Also, all of our Glamour Locks Certified stylists have gone through extensive training with the creator of the method to ensure that every installation is flawless.

How long do they last?

Our hair extensions last up to one year with proper at home care.

What are the maintenance requirements?

Maintenance on our hair extension method is every 6-10 weeks depending on the clients hair type, and at home care.

How much do they cost?

Exact pricing is based on a salon consultation. Base pricing for installation starts at $150 per Glamour Track, and our hair extensions start at $239 per pack for our shorter lengths, and our longer lengths start at $419 per pack. Please set up a consultation to get an accurate quote.

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