Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Glamour Locks hair extension system installed?

Glamour Locks' exclusive patent design track is applied across the head with a specially designed tension strap and your choice of Glamour Wefts Hair made to order in our facility.

What’s the shortest that my hair can be

Your hair needs to be at least 4-5 inches.

Are these hair extensions visible?

No, the system lies flat and away from the front of the hairline. You can easily style your hair up and away from the face and hairline.

Is Glamour Locks the best hair extension system I can find?

Glamour Locks has a US Patent so you can rest assure that Glamour Locks is the best hair extension system for you.

How often do I come in for maintenance?

We recommend that you schedule a retighten maintenance appointment every 8 - 10 weeks. This service is affordable and starts at $100.00 per system.

Can you match anyone's hair texture, color and wave pattern?

Yes, a Certified Glamour Locks Specialist has the expertise to achieve precise results to all hair textures, color and wave patterns.

Is your Glamour Wefts hair line reusable?

Glamour Wefts are high quality, durable, and will last a long time. We only use double drawn European hair with all hair cuticles intact.

What kind of home maintenance is involved?

Simple daily home maintenance is involved and will be explained to you during your Glamour Locks procedure.

Can my colorist color my hair with the Glamour Locks on my head?

Yes. We recommend that a professional hair colorist colors your hair. We can match your color with our hair extensions or you can have us put hair extensions with the color you like and a professional hair colorist can match the color.

How much are Glamour Locks?

Our most simple Glamour Locks Hair Extension System package consists of one Glamour Track. Each Glamour Track costs $100. Depending on your current hair and your desired volume and length ,you can get up to 3 Glamour Tracks. Most clients require 2 Glamour Tracks.

What is a Glamour Track?

Glamour Tracks are the support systems that hold your Glamour Locks Hair Extensions in place. Using our carbon fiber Tension Strap, our Technicians will gather a row of your natural hair to create a Glamour Track horizontally along the back of your scalp. The Glamour Track will be placed in the optimal position for your specific hair type and desired length.

Can I find someone else to do the same or a similar method?

Glamour Locks has a Patent which prohibits any one to copy or imitate the system.