If you are looking for the best beaded row extensions than look no further than Glamour Locks Hair Extensions. We have a beaded row extension system that is non-damaging, safe, comfortable, and completely invisible. When you walk out of one of our Grand Studios your hair will instantly be longer and thicker, and will look completely natural. Nobody will know you have hair extensions except for you and anyone you decide to tell. That is because we only use the highest quality human hair that blends in seamlessly with your natural hair. And because our attachment point is completely invisible, so even if you wear your hair up or in a ponytail, the extensions will steal be invisible.

Beaded row extensions: Beaded row extensions are the best kind of extensions, as it provides the least damage to your natural hair. They are also faster to apply and remove, are more comfortable, are more discrete, and are more cost effective than other methods of extensions. There are  a few things that make a beaded row what it is. The first is how the extension are attached. First your stylist will create a row across the back of your head in a horseshoe pattern.

Then your stylist will attach a hair weft to the row using beads, hence the name Bead Row Extensions.

Another big benefit of this type of extension method is that they are very secure and durable. You can wear them in practically any situation and they will not become loose or become visible. That is because the extension hair is securely sewn onto your row. Other methods only rely on beads, or even glue to attach the extension to your hair. They types f extension become loose and fall out, which can be very embarrassing.

The Glamour Locks Hair Extension System is the premier beaded row hair extension method and is the only hair extension method that is guaranteed to be non-damaging.

How are Glamour Locks beaded row extensions are done? We attach the extension to your hair by first creating a row, or a parting, of your hair across the back of your head. Then your Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylist will add a patented tool called a Tension Strap to the row. The Tension Strap is a very thin, but strong piece of material that will hold the weight of the extension hair. And by holding the extension hair it eliminates any tension that would have otherwise been placed on your natural hair. Then they will use our patented sewing method to attach the weft extensions to your hair. A weft of hair is a bundle of hair that has been sewn together at the top, creating a horizontal attachment point and hair that drapes down from end to end. Typically, a weft will be cut to the length of the back of your head before being sewing onto the row. In the image below you can see the Glamour Locks Certified Hair Extension Stylist sewing a weft onto her client’s row.

Our weft hair extension are also very comfortable and after a few days you won’t even notice that they are there. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our patented method of weft hair extension you can do so at www.glamourlocks.com. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services, so you can rest assured you will be getting the best hair extensions money can buy. Get the highest quality hair and extensions at Glamour Locks.